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Double Bass Mania Series

Double Bass Mania III | Speed Metal


Speed Kills. Double Bass Mania III: Ultra Extreme Metal unleashes the fury with a tireless onslaught of the fastest and most brutal speed and death metal drum grooves.With 666+ double bass grooves, variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania III delivers the pain that frightens other sample libraries.


Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? The loudest and fastest member the Drum Werks Series! Whether you need straight-ahead 2's and 4's on the hats or ride or you need some aggressive tom patterns, Drum Werks X is all punk grooves. Grooves sets ranging from 100 BPM to 280 BPM will the deliver the right grooves for nearly any tempo you need.


Get the elusive funk feel of Motown! Let out your inner funk and lay it down to a massive collection of tasty Motown-inspired grooves. Over 600 drum loops ranging from 60 BPM to 150 BPM to deliver the funk feels you need with a dry, gritty Motown inspired sound to match. An essential loop collection if you need to have that funk.


Beta Monkey Music's Odd Time Meltdown II features odd meter drum loops in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, 7/8. Get your groove on in 5, 7, 9, and beyond, Odd Time Meltdown II will take your music beyond common time. Features over 350 powerful and tasteful acoustic grooves captured in one of Los Angeles' premier recording rooms.Break out of the 4/4 rut! Covers grooves in 3/4, 5/4, 5/8, 7/4 and 7/8 time signatures. Compatible with all L.A. Essentials Sessions. For Rock, Prog-Rock, and Fusion. 


Drum Werks I is hard-hitting and powerful rock drumming from start to finish. From spacious half-time feels and blues-based rock to flat-out classic rock and double bass riffing, Drum Werks I delivers rock solid drumming the way it used to be done.


Jazz Essentials II offers a massive collection of complete live jazz drum tracks. With versatile and essential jazz drumming styles in a wide range of tempos and styles, these live jazz drum tracks offer users over 2 GB of live jazz drum tracks in three easy-to-use style-based sessions.With full-length drum tracks (not loops),  Jazz Essentials II covers traditional jazz styles as well as brush work and Latin-jazz playing styles. Traditional Jazz, Latin Jazz, Blues-Jazz.

$119.96 $69.99

The Rocking Nashville Sessions Bundle is easier than going to Nashville to get great drums into your music! Shuffles, swing shuffles, 12/8 blues, trainbeats, ballads, modern country rock, these are the essential drum beats of blues, rock, and country in one single package. Total Drum Loop Content: 2.3 GB, including complete matching drum and cymbal samples.


Big, powerful, high-energy rock drums! With nearly 600 dynamic drum loops, fills, and samples, Drum Werks XI delivers powerful Classic, Hard Rock and Modern Rock Drum Styles to your music.


Pure Country III is a complete all-brushes country songwriting package, featuring over 400 acoustic brush drum loops covering trainbeats, ballads, Johnny Cash style beats, and more. If your music needs brushes or brush/cross-sticking, Pure Country III has it covered.All the nuances and textures of brushed drum parts, laid down with impeccable taste and time, Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™ will deliver, true Nashville inspiration.


Drum Werks XXIV: Slow 6-8-Drum-Loops offers 600+ MB of versatile 6/8 drumming whether you need no-nonsense straight 8ths or shuffle feels. Get extensive coverage between 30 bpm and 60 bpm to inspire your songwriting with live 6/8 time drum loops. Like no other loop collection available - exclusively 6/8 grooves!


Speed, deathcore, tech metal, djent... pick your poison! Over 900 metal drum loops to create powerful metal drum tracks. Pure heavy metal drum loops for speed metal, deathcore, death, tech metal, djent. Part of the one and only Double Bass Mania Series!


Powerful and aggressive hard rock drum loops for today’s modern hard rock mixes. Drum Werks II: Reloaded serves up only the heaviest rock drum samples for today's hard rock songwriting styles. These loops are slamming and aggressive, so definitely not for the faint of heart.


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“Fierce and Brutal Metal Drum Grooves and Fills

“If you’re after some intense metal drum grooves to add power and excitement to your tracks, then you might want to check out Double Bass Mania VIII from Beta Monkey.

The playing really is world class, with some blistering fills and high octane beats delivering straight-up metal grooves alongside more complex syncopated patterns and alternative time signatures.”

MusicTech Magazine

“If you need rock drums, you can’t beat the value for money.”

“The 24-bit sounds are crisp and well recorded, with enough room ambience to give some “air”, but “dry” enough to accommodate adding reverb. There is no overkill compression or EQ, either.

The style is rock, but there is one folder each for shuffled, triplet, and funk grooves… these are extremely usable loops that slide right into rock tracks, and minimal processing gives you lots of latitude.”

Craig Anderton

“Excellent value for money and highly recommended”

“The real strength of the library is the range of loops provided. As well as the usual one-, two-, and four-bar patterns and their variations, there are some really excellent fills, intros, endings, and breakdowns provided. This really does make it easy to construct a complete drum track with a minimum of fuss.

This is an absolute steal – so much, in fact, that I ordered half a dozen more libraries myself! Excellent value for money and highly recommended.”

Sound on Sound Magazine

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