Create Better Drum Tracks With Beta Monkey Drum Loops and Samples

Beta Monkey offers live, acoustic drums for songwriters of all musical styles, including jazz, fusion, rock, metal, funk, and country. All Beta Monkey loop libraries feature cohesive, consistent drum mixes and include multi-velocity drum samples for all drums and cymbals used in recording.

We guarantee universal compatibility with all recording hardware and software DAWs such as Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, and more. All downloads include WAV, AIFF, and REX2 formats.

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Quickly and easily create realistic drum tracks in Pro Tools, Cubase, Cakewalk, ACID, Logic, Garageband, Reason, Ableton Live and other popular DAWs. Our grooves can be heard on TV shows, commercials, films, CDs, and songwriter demos. Buy the highly-specialized beats and samples you need found in individual sample libraries or value-packed loop bundles. Now let these libraries inspire your next songwriting project and let the world hear your music.

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“Fierce and Brutal Metal Drum Grooves and Fills

If you’re after some intense metal drums to add power and excitement to your tracks, then you might want to check out Double Bass Mania VIII from Beta Monkey.

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MusicTech Magazine

“Another acoustic rock drum loop CD?”

The 24-bit sounds are crisp and well recorded… if you need rock drums, you can’t beat the value for money.

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Craig Anderton / Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Pro Sound News, Mix

“The sound is crisp.”

This is an absolute steal – so much, in fact, that I ordered half a dozen more libraries myself!

Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

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Dave Stewart, John Walden & Paul White / Sound on Sound Magazine