5 Essential Rock Drum Loop Libraries

Rock drumming is many things to many people. For some, it’s all about high-energy and power. For others, however, it’s more about deep pocket and a play-for-the-song mentality.

While the rock genre means many things to many people (just think of all the rock genres: classic rock, hard rock, Southern rock, blues-rock, pop rock, alt rock, to name a few!), most musicians would agree that rock drumming are all about three essential elements: big backbeats, big sound, and big attitude.

And, that’s exactly what the rock drum loops from Beta Monkey deliver.

So, no matter how you like your rock drums, you want practical and usable beats as the foundation of your rock tracks. And, of course, you want a diverse collection of drum fills to bring energy and anticipation from one song section to the next. Swung or straight eighth-notes, blistering tempos or half-time ballads, busy or spacious, there’s no feel that’s not the right one when it comes to rock.

Five Rock Drum Loop Packs to Inspire Your Songwriting

If you’re after diverse, versatile, and usable rock drum samples, Beta Monkey has the grooves you’re after. Here are five essential sample libraries, in no particular order, you should add to your songwriting toolbox:

Classic rock drum loops - AC/DC, Led Zep, Hendrix, Toto, Van HalenDrum Werks XVII – This is the rock drum loop library to own if you’re after the time-tested drum tracks of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Van Halen, and more. An homage to the great signature grooves of the bands that made rock what it is: powerful, unrelenting, and inspiring.

Drum Werks XV – Because solid, hard-hitting rock drumming is the foundation of all great rock music, we created a powerhouse collection that we recorded out in Los Angeles, the home of some of rock’s biggest acts. With hundred of grooves and fills, these powerful acoustic loops have the finesse and pocket at home in all styles of rock and hard rock. Drum Werks XV is to first of several collections that form the “L.A. Sessions” Series.

Drum Werks II Reloaded –  Aggressive and unrelenting hard rock drum tracks are a drag and drop away. Think your guitar is loud enough to handle these powerful hard rock drum loops for today’s modern hard rock mixes?

Drum Werks X –  Fast. Simple. Hard-hitting. No time for complex drumming or subtle ghost strokes in this library, it’s all about hundreds of slamming beats and furious fills. Non-stop, slamming punk rock drum loops, clocking in from 100 BPM to well over 280 BPM.

Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock – High-energy rock drumming with a thick, punchy sound, these rock drum loops are capture classic rock grooves but serve up some modern rock feels as well. Just pure, live rock drums.

Of course, these are just a handful of our most popular rock releases. You can see our full range of rock drum loops and samples at our main rock category page.

And, while we said the list would be the top 5 “best drum loops for rock” we have to add one more. It’s the rock collection that got it started for us here at Beta Monkey way back in 2001. So, let’s pay a little respect to the rock loops that got it all started: Drum Werks I

Drum Werks I: If you are looking for drum loops with that big, open, drum sound of Led Zeppelin with inspired “Beats like Bonham” grooves, then these 1100 drum loops will more than satisfy your groove needs. With a powerful rock mix, these drums will deliver the power and warmth you expect from your rock drum tracks. It’s time you get some live classic rock drum loops behind your music with the collection that started it all for Beta Monkey.

Looking for cohesive multi-library sample collections?

Of all the feedback we received here at Beta Monkey, one always seems to stand out. And, that is how much customers appreciate having multiple loop libraries that have matching sounds/mixes. In effect, you get a massive range of grooves and tempos, all capable of being blended with one another.

How do we accomplish this? It’s simple. We book several days in carefully-selected drum rooms. This way, we’re able to keep the same mix, same kit, and same studio sound while exploring many different types of rhythms and tempos.

Because you can add a collection or two as you need them, you can build your own mega sample library. You can do this at your own pace or as your songwriting needs demand. With that in mind, here are some of the rock sessions that we’ve recorded and produced over the years.

Beta Monkey Loop Set Compatibility

Here’s what Recording Magazine had to say about Beta Monkey rock drum loops:

L.A. Series Rock Drum Loops Review




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