A review shared with us that we felt it was important for you all to read.

A big thanks to Hector Ibarra for sharing his experience with our loops and samples:

Bang for Your Buck: Beta Monkey Music Drum Loops and Samples

One thought on “Bang for Your Buck!

  1. Christopher says:

    Of the many Betamonkey products I use Drumwerks XXII is probably the most inspirational for my work. I’d previously produced Ska cues that didn’t really have the rhythmic spark to lift them out of mediocrity. The Drumwerks Ska collection have definitely helped me out hugely here.

    I’m also finding that they work really well with orchestral strings layered over them. Sustained ,high quality strings, matched with the immense syncopated random energy of the Ska drums-amazing combination. Not really what I expected to be using them for but the results are immensely cool and easy to achieve.

    Thanks Betamonkey!!!

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