BROOKLYN SESSIONS: Recording in one of Brooklyn’s renowned recording studios, we went into these sessions looking for that earthy, gritty sound that has that alt and indie attitude from top to bottom. Punchy, crisp, thick, but decidedly light on the processing polish – the type of sound that would work in a number of musical contexts because the natural sounds of an acoustic drumkit can and should be that versatile.

Covering styles from America roots to alt-rock and indie-rock, songwriters who want some rough and tumble attitude in their drum tracks will find thousands of beats and fills to choose for inspiration.

DWS6Drum Werks VI: Americana Roots Rock Ideal for alt-country and Americana songwriting styles as well as blues, rock, and country rock tracks.

With shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and other swing feels, this collection of 700 acoustic drum loops offers 18 different groove sets, from 6/8 blues ballad grooves to high-energy 180 BPM rock shuffles.

If you are looking for natural, lively acoustic drum tracks, Drum Werks VI has the classic rock n roll feels and attitude you’re after.


DWS5Drum Werks V: Grunge, Indie Rock is all alive law and raw drums. Over 700 acoustic drum loops in 12 different styles for grunge, indie, alt pop rock drum tracks. If you want real drums, this is your sample library.

This disc has a real early grunge vibe to it, capturing the early days of Sub Pop records when the drums were live, raw, and energetic. No slick, over-processed drum sounds here – just live real drums ready for your next alt-indie songwriting project.

If you write raw and dirty rock, Drum Werks V should be in your drum loop and sample library.


DWS4Drum Werks IV: New York Rock and Pop Get that authentic New York Indie Rock sound. This collection of grooves includes both straight and shuffled feels to enhance and inspire your rock and pop drum tracks.

Whether you’re looking for a gritty garage rock vibe or a dense, hypnotic swinging beat, Drum Werks IV drums will drop right into songwriting process with effective results.

A pure drum resource of drum loops and fills straight out of New York City to keep any songwriter busy for months.