Free play-along drum tracks to get the creative juices flowing right now!

We’ve put together a number of play-along drum tracks featuring our loop libraries.

Something for everyone here. Rock drum tracks for you rockers, powerful modern metal drums for the metalheads, and some funky goodness for basically everyone. All drums are 100% live and acoustic, never quantized. No over-processed, edited-to-death loops like you’re finding elsewhere.

Grab your weapon of choice (guitar, bass, keyboard) and start jamming to these backing tracks now!

Funk Drum Track Play-Along – Funk Drum Loop 70 BPM

It’s time to get funky with this 70 bpm funk drum loop, a relaxed groove to inspire new songwriting ideas or just jam to instead of a dull metronome. This 70 bpm tempo funk drum track is very relaxed with some shuffley-swing to it as well as some intricate hi-hat work. Dig into the plentiful space – should be a meaty grooves for guitarists, bassist, and more. This groove lays down a hard funk groove for nearly four minutes and is punctuated with a distinctive drum fill at the end.


Rock Drum Track Play-Along – Rock Drum Loops 90 BPM

This 16th note beat delivers a solid rock drum backing track, a great groove to jam along with and to inspire new songwriting ideas. This 90 bpm tempo groove rock drum beat is laid-back and offers plenty of space for creative guitar or bass players. This groove sinks in for a full three minutes and is punctuated with a distinctive drum fill at the end. This staple rock beat should serve many musical songwriting styles well and offers a musical way to practice or experiment with new song ideas instead of a monotonous click track.


Metal Drum Samples Track Play-Along 100 bpm

Unlike 95% of metal drum tracks uploaded to YouTube to play along, this 100 bpm groove is actually played by a live drummer. And, it’s a beast. Have fun – share any riffs, recordings that result from having a go with these. Basically, this is the tip of the iceberg if you want more of these modern metal drum samples in your music.

Funk Drum Track Play-Along – Funk Drum Loop at 90 BPM

Get funky with this 90 bpm funk drum loop. It’s a hypnotic groove to inspire new songwriting ideas or practice with instead of a lifeless metronome. This 90 bpm tempo funk drum track has some serious pocket and swing, with plenty of syncopation to keep the groove interesting and dynamic. A truly funky groove for guitarists, bassist, and other instrumentalists, kick back and groove along for five minutes – be sure to look for ending drum fill to feel where to come to a full stop.

Led Zep Rock Drum Track Play-Along

Nothing is better to rock out to than Led Zeppelin and John Bonham (who basically wrote the rule book for rock drummers!). Have fun jamming along with this take of the well-known track “Rock and Roll”!

Rock Drum Loops Play-Along. Groove at 100 bpm

Straight-ahead, ready to groove. Straight-ahead, hard-hitting songwriting drum tools inspired by some of rock’s greatest drumming performances and played by one of the best studio drummers in L.A.

More play-along drum tracks can be found on the Beta Monkey YouTube channel.

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