Want Free Drum Loops?

Who doesn’t like free stuff? But, free drum loops from other companies means providing your email address. And, you know what that means.Drum Loops for All Musical Styles

After a barrage of daily emails about how you can “Save 90% — Today Only!”  on their products, you begin to question your decision to get their “free” stuff. There was a price after all – namely, your privacy (as well as your sanity). We can’t tell you the horror stories told by our customers who tried other companies’ free stuff, but, the word “regret” seemed to come up often.

However, Beta Monkey does it a little differently. We offer choice selections from some of most popular drum loops, completely free for users to test and evaluate. We also do drum loops a bit differently as well, but you can be the judge of that.

So, download these free drum loops to try out in your recording software and put the loops up to the most important test of all – your ears. We hope you see how our grooves can help your music and come back for more.

In other words, download our free drum loops now… with no strings attached.

The sample packs comprising this free download are listed at the bottom of this page.

Download Now!

Start Jamming Now!

Play-along drum tracks to get the creative juices flowing!

We’ve put together a number of play-along drum tracks featuring our loop libraries.

Something for everyone here. Rock drum tracks for you rockers, powerful modern metal drums for the metalheads, and some funky goodness for basically everyone. All drums are 100% live and acoustic, never quantized. No over-processed,  edited-to-death loops like you’re finding elsewhere.

Grab your weapon of choice (guitar, bass, keyboard) and press play!

More play-along drum tracks can be found on the Beta Monkey YouTube channel.