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Who doesn’t like free stuff? But, “free drum samples” from other loop vendors usually means providing your email address. And, you know what that means.

After a barrage of daily emails about how you can *”Save 90% — Today Only!”  on their products, you begin to question your decision to get their “free” stuff.

Download the free drum loops below to try out in your recording setup. Download all you want. We hope you see how our grooves can help your music and come back for more. But, if not, thanks for stopping by!

Either way, everything below is free with no strings attached.

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Rock Hard Funk: Drum Loops Funk, Funk Rock, and Beyond: A versatile and intense collection of funk and funk-rock drum loops and samples with over 1000 acoustic funk grooves to inspire any serious “groove intensive” project. Mix the improvisational mentality of jazz, the groove inventiveness of funk, and the powerful drum sounds of rock – a beautiful mix of groove experimentalism all captured and available in Rock Hard Funk.


Drum Werks VIII is a versatile groove package featuring over 650 acoustic drum loops that will satisfy any guitarist, bassist, or keyboardist with its versatile and infectious collection of alt, indie, modern and garage rock drumming styles.

DWS9Drum Werks Volume IX: Power Rock Drum Samples will inspire your music and deliver a powerful rock drum loop collection of riff-hungry grooves, groove variations, fills, and more.

DWS10Drum Werks X is a complete songwriting package for aggressive music, featuring over 650 slamming punk drum loops.

DWS12Drum Werks XII: 650+ drum loops for blues with all the traditional must-haves: shuffles, 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles, uptempo boogies and more! That’s what Drum Werks XII is all about – laying it down hard for the bluesman in all of us.


Drum Werks XIV: The Brazilian Kitchen offers a wide variety of Brazilian drum styles in tempos ranging from 75-150 BPM covering the classic Bossa and Samba grooves of Rio de Janeiro, the fresh sounds of Xote, Baiao, Maracatu and more from the Northeast.


DWS21Drum Werks XXI: Reggae Drum Loops: This collection of reggae includes One drop, Rocker and Stepper variations.

Whether you need the traditional one drop kick on three or the four beat flow of a stepper variation, get authentic reggae riddims. Versatile live reggae drum loops!

Download Drum Werks XXI Trial Loops (All formats) 12.6 MB

DWS22Drum Werks XXII delivers live ska drum loops with multiple beat variations and a robust collection of fills.

With a boost in tempos and energy, the drum grooves feature side stick grooves, half-time and up-tempo rhythms, and straight/swing feels. Fills include intros as well as transitions, featuring snare, side stick, and tom rolls.

Download Drum Werks XXII Trial Loops (WAV, APPLE formats) 35.3 MB

DWS23Traditional 12/8, Shuffles, Blues Drum Loops – You get it all on Drum Werks XXIII. Blues drumming is all about fat backbeats, tasty fills, and, most important, feel.

If your blues drum tracks need inspiration, Drum Werks XXIII delivers live, 100% acoustic blues drum loops.

Download Drum Werks XXIII Trial Loops (All formats) 24.6 MB


DWS26With a versatile collection of grooves ranging from 40 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXVI: Rock Ballads will lay the foundation of your most sensitive and emotional compositions for today’s working songwriters and producers.

Whether you need spacious ballad or rock drum tracks, put these live studio drum loops to inspired use. This set will deliver authentic live drum loops for the softer side of rock

Download Drum Werks XXVI Trial Loops (All formats) 104.6 MB

Groove Rock Drum Loops - Live Drums for Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock In a focused range of tempos we call the “groove zone” covering 90 bpm through 120 bpm, Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock serves up dynamic rocking drums, from alt and pop-rock to hard rock and classic rock.

If you can drag and drop audio loops, then you can create professional rock drum tracks instantly with Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock.

Download Drum Werks XXVII Trial Loops (all available formats) 111.6 MB

100% Live Rock Drum Loops - Studio Drum Tracks for Rock, Alt Rock, Classic Rock | Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks XXVIII

Drum Werks XXVIII unleashes pure power and energy to your rock drum tracks with an extensive and versatile library of rock drum grooves.

This collection of songwriting tools that will inspire your rock songwriting to new heights. Drum Werks XXVIII is all about high-octane rock drum loops that deliver the intensity and energy your drum tracks need.

Download Drum Werks XXVIII Trial Loops (all available formats) 59.6 MB


Double Bass Mania VI: Triplets of Doom Metal Drum Loops - Double Bass Mania VIDouble Bass Mania VI: Triplets of Doom Metal will inspire you with heavy, ultra-slow and spacious drum loops, a thunderous rhythmic backbone for your nastiest and sludgiest riffs.

Single kick, double kick grooves, multiple loop variations, drum fills, and a matching drum and cymbal sample set, Double Bass Mania VI swings the sludge and dirge hard.

 Download Double Bass Mania VI Trial ALL Formats (79 MB .zip file)


Modern metal drum loops - Double Bass Mania VIIIntroducing the newest weapon in your metal songwriting arsenal: Double Bass Mania VII: Modern Metal Drum Loops. This massive metal drum sample collection unleashes nearly 1 GB of pure metal songwriting power.

Thick and intense grooves with live feel and modern metal sensibility, delivering essential metal songwriting tools that strike the balance between must-have metal grooves you’ll need, and insane, pushing-the-boundaries drumming that will inspire your playing to new highs.

Download DBM VII Trial Loops (ACIDized WAV, Apple Loops)