A 4-track EP of Instrumental Psychedelic Surf Rock by Andy Ramone

A nice find shared with us, making great use of the classic sounds found on Classic Backbeats II

If you’re after the sounds of live acoustic drums played in the styles that launched rock-n-roll, the grooves and fills from Classic Backbeats II will do the trick. These are the kind of drums recorded the way they used to be – four microphones on the kit with a skilled drummer manning the throne. There’s no excessive processing or other heavy-handed techniques found on today’s drums – these are the real deal in every way possible.

But, how do these drums sound in context? Check out what Andy Ramone did using the raw and raunchy rock and roll loops off of Classic Backbeats II:

If you’re after ultra-stiff quantized drum loops that you find on other sites (and give you way fewer grooves to choose from!), then Classic Backbeats II is not the sample library for you.

Hear the difference live, acoustic drums can do for your music with Classic Backbeats II.

A big thanks to the heads-up on this catchy collection of surf-rock tunes: https://andyramone.bandcamp.com/album/surfd

A 4-track EP of Instrumental Psychedelic Surf Rock by Andy Ramone

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