June 2014 MusicTech Magazine Review: Studio Percussion Toolbox Library

Beta Monkey Music Drum Loop Reviews

Music Tech Magazine reviewed our Studio Percussion Toolbox release and, once again, pointed out the usability, versatility, Percussion loops - Studio Percussion Toolboxand value of our drum loop collections. This review clearly recognized the high-quality and versatility of this collection of percussion loops.

What did they think? Besides their “Best Value” recommendation?

An excellent value pack of very usable percussion loops and hits. These samples are divided into 15 separate loop sets, which cover Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Samba, Funk and other styles, with a large array of instruments including congas, bongos, timbales, agogos, shakers, and cowbells alongside more esoteric kit pieces…there’s plenty of variety here to add life and inspiration to your tracks.

…a well recorded library of percussion loops is something that won’t date… it can be used in a variety of different style tracks.

It delivers a restrained and highly usable collection of simpler and tighter sounding grooves, but with enough flair and variety to make them sound alive.

This could be used to inspire and spice up a number of different genres, including one surprise folder that even includes man-made rainforest sounds.

For the full review, visit MusicTech Magazine.

To preview and order versatile, world-class percussion loops, you need the Studio Percussion Toolbox.

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