Drum Backing Tracks

Free play-along drum tracks to get the creative juices flowing right now! We’ve put together a number of play-along drum tracks featuring our loop libraries. Something for everyone here. Rock drum tracks for you rockers, powerful modern metal drums for the metalheads, and some funky goodness for basically everyone. All drums are 100% live and […]

How to Inspire Your Music With Live Jazz Drum Tracks

Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials II

Drum loops for jazz? Drum loops are not necessarily ideal for all musical genres. For rock, pop, and country songwriters, of course, drum loops are an easy and viable way to get the songwriting process going. These genres generally feature drum beats that are repetitive in nature, meant to lock down the groove and serve […]

Seven Tips and Tricks for Using Drum Loops

Seven Tips and Tricks for Using Drum Loops While nearly everyone is aware of drum loops and their use in modern music, fewer folks know more than a handful of ways how they can be used. We’d like to think since we’ve recorded, produced, and edited nearly 60 drum loop libraries that we can maybe […]

Download Online Drum Loops? Three Reasons Why You Should.

Why Use the Best Drum Loops?

Why Download Online Drum Loops? In this article, we examine three benefits of downloading online drum loops for musicians and drummers alike. Every songwriter has or can easily download drum loops. There’s no shortage of free drum loops out there if your music is of the electronic sort: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Rap, […]

5 Essential Sample Packs: Rock Drum Loops

Rock drumming means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about high-energy and power. For others, however, it’s more about a deep pocket and play-for-the-song mentality. While the rock genre is vast (just think of all the rock genres: classic rock, hard rock, Southern rock, blues-rock, pop rock, alt rock, to name a […]

Classic Backbeats II Review – MusicTech Magazine March 2019

Classic Backbeats II Product Image

MusicTech Magazine Reviews a customer favorite: Classic Backbeats II In the March 2019 edition of MusicTech Magazine, reviewers took a good look at one of our all-time favorite drum loop collections: Classic Backbeats II. This old-school library of drum grooves, all inspired by the timeless drum beats of 50s and 60s, really delivers that early […]

Sometimes You Need a Reminder

Audio waveforms of drums

A Beta Monkey user reminds us of what makes Beta Monkey different We received an email recently. At first view, it was a nice compliment about the work we do here at Beta Monkey. And, of course, it was a testament to the non-stop work by a very talented artist, Simon Reich. Simon has been […]

The Easiest Way to Get Good Drum Tracks

Play-Along Rock Drum Track 90 bpm

Want the easiest way to play along with some live, acoustic rock drum tracks? Just click play! Rock Drum Track Play-Along – Rock Drum Loops 90 BPM About this Backing Track This 16th note beat delivers a solid rock drum backing track, a great groove to jam along with and to inspire new songwriting ideas. […]

Metal Drum Tracks Still Flowing from the Double Bass Mania Series!

YouTube Screenshot of customer using Double Bass Mania drum loops and drum samples

Every now and then you get sucked down the Youtube wormhole and you come across all sorts of things. This video came up and we heard the drums and thought, “Hey, wait a minute, these drum tracks sound familiar!” Sure enough, the audio was constructed from the metal drum samples and loops in the Double […]

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Tracks Review – MusicTech Magazine August 2018

MTM Magazine August 2018

Live, unedited jazz drum tracks… that’s what Jazz Essentials II is all about! When you think of jazz, you think of free-flowing improvisation. Free, unfettered, exploration of a a musical idea that demands space and time to develop. Jazz is about communication between musician and musician as well as musician with the audience. At its […]

Can We Ask You a Few Questions (And Save You 25%)?

Can We Ask You a Few Questions (And Save You 25%)? We appreciate your business and value your opinion of our products. To help us continue making great loop and samples, we’re asking you to share your opinions and ideas about loop and sample products. Simply take this one-minute (survey it’s truly under a minute […]

Looking for 3/4 and 6/8? A Quick Guide!

No one does anything usable in 3/4 and 6/8! Does Beta Monkey cover these time signatures? One of the most popular email questions we get from customers relates to which Beta Monkey sets contain 3/4 and 6/8 drum loops. It’s an often-overlooked time signature when it comes to most other loop companies who try to […]

Live, acoustic drums? What a concept!

A nice find shared with us, making great use of the classic sounds found on Classic Backbeats II If you’re after the sounds of live acoustic drums played in the styles that launched rock-n-roll, the grooves and fills from Classic Backbeats II will do the trick. These are the kind of drums recorded the way […]

Beta Monkey drums getting it done on worldwide Soundcloud New & Hot, Jazz charts

Simon Reich Uses Beta Monkey Samples to Get onto SoundCloud Charts

Thanks to long-time Beta Monkey user Simon Reich, Beta Monkey drums can be heard on several of Soundcloud’s top charts, including: New & Hot, Top 50, Jazz & Blues chart, worldwide, No 14. Check out the great work here: https://soundcloud.com/simon-reich/the-first-noel See what our drum loops have done for other users: User-Submitted Music