Popular Examples of Music Written in 6/8

Our favorite songs in 6/8

Some of our Favorite Songs in 6/8 Time While drum loops in 6/8 have a long tradition here at Beta Monkey, we’d like to talk about something else: namely our favorite all-time grooves in this unsung but grooving time signature. Songwriters have always found the best drum loops for different styles and time signatures in […]

User Submitted Track Using Jazz Essentials II Drum Tracks

User submitted video using Jazz Essentials II

Live Jazz Drum Tracks in Action – Jazz Essentials II It’s always nice to hear what our drum loops and drum tracks can actually do when put into the right hands.We go to the best rooms and hand the sticks to some of the best players in the business so you can make your songs […]

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? | Competing Product Crossgrade

The Only Serious Choice for your drum tracks. Beta Monkey has got your style.

Bought “other” loops that let you down? If you shop around, you’ll notice we always beat the competition in terms of price and value. We offer no-nonsense low prices every day and deliver loop releases with hundreds of inspiring and usable grooves. No over-priced, underwhelming drum packs here. But, sometimes you are mesmerized by the […]

User-Submitted Songs: Double Bass Mania Modern Metal in Action!

Double Bass Mania VII Modern metal Product Image

The Only Real Metal Songwriting Resource Getting It Done! What can happen when you grab your very own copy of Double Bass Mania VII? What can you do with the right tools to create powerful metal drum tracks? Here are some user-submitted examples of what can be done with the brutal rhythms of Double Bass […]

MusicTech Magazine Review: 9/10 Stars for Double Bass Mania VIII Metal Drum Tracks

Double Bass Mania VIII Product Image

Always nice to hear that others see our work the same way we do: as the most usable and versatile live drum loops available anywhere. And, what makes this review particularly rewarding is that is so highly praised for a genre seldom covered in the world of drum samples: metal. As always, a big “hats […]

Five Ways to Process Your Drum Loops to Stand Out from the Crowd

Using Parallel Compression on Drum Loops

Five Ways to Process Drum Loops to Stand Out from the Crowd or: You Don’t Have to Sound Like Everyone Else Probably one of the worst kept secrets about drum loops is that everyone who uses drum loops in their songwriting (and, believe us, there are a lot of you out there!) doesn’t want anyone […]

Drum Werks XXX Review: “Drum grooves with raw attitude and impeccable timing”

Drum Werks XXX Modern Punk, Punk Rock, Punk Pop

“Drum grooves with raw attitude and impeccable timing” Drum Werks XXX Review MT Verdict 9/10 A varied and powerful sounding loop library with a good balance of simple patterns and tight playing, alongside raw energy and exciting fills. Drum Werks XXX Punk Drum Loops, one of our latest drum loop releases, is a featured review […]

Beta Monkey releases new jazz drum tracks collection

Multi-track jazz drums - Jazz Essentials III

Beta Monkey releases new jazz drum tracks collection Beta Monkey’s Jazz Essentials III is a versatile collection of live acoustic jazz drum tracks delivering over 3 GB of multi-track jazz drumming performances. With the warm and natural tones of an all-maple Gretsch drum kit, this downloadable track pack offers fifteen drum performances of several popular […]

MusicTech Magazine Review: 9/10 Stars for Drum Werks XXVII

Groove Rock Drum Loops - Live Drums for Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Nice to see one of the solid hard hard-rocking additions to the Drum Werks Series received received so warmly by our friends over at MusicTech Magazine. You can read the full review in the September 2016 edition, but the summary should suffice: Uncluttered, driving rock grooves with a punchy sound, which would work well as […]

Beta Monkey releases over 1 GB of new odd time drum loops

Odd Time Meltdown IV Product Image

Beta Monkey delivers another round of odd time drum loops to inspire the rock, prog-rock, and fusion drum tracks you’ve always wanted. The newest member of the Odd Time Meltdown series, Odd Time Meltdown IV brings a modern punchy mix to a decidedly uptempo and energetic collection of drum loops in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, and […]

New Odd Meter Drum Loops Released

Odd Time Meltdown III Product Image

New Odd Meter Drum Loops Released. Introducing Odd Time Meltdown III Beta Monkey presents new odd time drum loops with the latest release of the Odd Time Meltdown series, Odd Time Meltdown III. With the warm and punchy sounds of an all-maple drum kit, this downloadable drum sample pack offers a hyper-focused collection of drum […]

Seamless Loop Transitions

Seamless drum loop transtions

Take Your Drum Loops to the Next Level: Seamless Loop Transitions We all know what real drums sound like when played – they ring, they rattle, they vibrate. Unlike many other instruments, drum kits are a collection of distinct sounds. There’s the low thump of the kick, the crack of the snare, the punchy tones […]

User-Submitted Video Using Jazz Essentials II

Jazz Drum Loops, Jazz Drum Tracks - Jazz Essentials Sample Series

Jazz Essentials II Jazz Drum Loops: Commercial Our drums show up everywhere. Check out this one, using the full-take live jazz drum tracks from Jazz Essentials II. Video Info: Content Marketing for The New Summer Lamb Burger. Music from Beta Monkey Music, editing together tracks from their Jazz Drum Tracks collection. If you need some […]

New Metal Drum Loops Released on Double Bass Mania VIII

Double Bass Mania VIII Product Image

New Metal Drum Loops Released on Double Bass Mania VIII For all the metal heads out there. Double Bass Mania VIII delivers power and precision with over 900 metal drum loops for guitarists, bassists, and producers of multiple metal styles, including speed metal, deathcore, grindcore, death, tech metal, or djent. Covering tempos from 120 bpm […]

User Submitted Music Using Beta Monkey Loops

Beta Monkey Drum Loops User-Submitted Music Showcase SoundCloud

User Submitted Music Using Beta Monkey Loops One thing that has always separated us from the pack of loop sellers/producers is the quality and quantity of the final product (i.e., your music!). We used to keep up on everything we could find posted online or sent to us, but do so less and less as […]

Want Modern Metal Drum Loops? Introducing Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania VII.

Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania VII – Modern Metal Drums Recorded and mixed by one of metal’s leading producers/engineers, Double Bass Mania VII has the modern metal drum sound locked in. Deep and punchy toms, crisp and cutting snares, dark and shimmering cymbals, powerful and controlled kicks – all the separation of drum sounds […]