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Beta Monkey Releases Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast!

Double Bass Mania Metal Drum Loops and Samples Series

The Return of the Beast! Introducing Double Bass Mania II The response to Double Bass Mania I was always enthusiastic. Metalheads always asked for more and more of the heavy stuff since there was no one else doing anything remotely metal in terms of drum loops. A lot of the “other” companies tried to call […]

Beta Monkey Releases Punk Drum Loops: Introducing Drum Werks X

Drum Werks X Punk - Beta Monkey

Why did we release these punk drum loops? After receiving numerous requests for some aggressive and in-your-face punk drum loops, we knew it was something we could deliver. Straight, no-nonsense grooves, pushing the tempos up past 280 bpm. It was a fun project to get done in between other projects. Without a doubt, the thirst […]

Prepare to (Alt) Rock. Lucky #7 in the Drum Werks Series!

Drum loops for all styles of rock, alt rock, blues, and more: The Drum Werks Series of Drum Loops and Samples

Prepare to (Alt) Rock. Lucky #7 in the Drum Werks Series! As the seventh release in the ever-popular Drum Werks series, Beta Monkey Music’s Drum Werks VII offers over 900 powerful and versatile drum loops for multiple rock styles. Dig into this sample collection that is all about no nonsense rock feels and phrasings. A […]

Let the Odd Times Roll! Odd Time Meltdown: Odd Time Drum Loops Released

Odd Time Drum Loops: The Odd Time Meltdown Series

Beta Monkey Music has released Odd Time Meltdown: Odd Time Drum Loop Library Some fresh odd meter drums for everyone! Our third Signature Series release, Odd Time Meltdown will definitely get you thinking differently about grooving! If you need some grooves that will push you and your music out of a rhythmic rut, then we […]

Beta Monkey releases Rock Hard Funk

Funk drum loops - Multiple classic and modern funk styles in the Rock Hard Funk Loops and Samples Series

Rock Hard Funk: Live Drum Loops and Samples Library for Funk, Funk Rock, and Beyond Beta Monkey Music has released Rock Hard Funk, a two-CD collection of funk and funk-rock drum loops and samples with over a thousand acoustic grooves to inspire any serious “groove intensive” project. Mix the improvisational mentality of jazz, the groove […]

Seven NEW REX Format Releases from Beta Monkey Music…more on the way!

Using REX2 loops in Reason and other host software

We have been so busy getting new releases done that we haven’t taken time to update the site. We promise to spend more time here to keep everyone up to date. As of October 2005, we now have eleven REX discs to chose from, having just added seven new ones. Pretty much everything will be […]