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Big and Bold Drums in the Rocking Country Drum Loop Bundle! Order all the drum loops - Drum Werks IX, Drum Werks XI, Drum Werks XII, and Pure Country I - from the Rocking Nashville Sessions for one low package price. The drum mix is definitely at home for any type of classic rock, modern rock, or hard rock. Big open room, powerful snack crack, and hard-hitting drum performances.Total Drum Loop Content: 2.3 GB, includes complete drum, cymbal samples.


Shuffles, 12/8, triplet feels, half-time shuffles, rock shuffles, and uptempo boogie shuffles as well - Drum Werks XII brings the blues. Lay it down hard with some swinging in-the-pocket grooves - only on Drum Werks XII!

5.00 out of 5

Blues and Country Rock Drum Loops | Drum Werks VI New drums for blues, blues rock, and alt-country drum tracks. Roots rock drumming for developing folk, bluegrass and blues drum tracks. Create classic blues, folk, and country rock drum tracks with shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and more.


An extensive resource for 12/8 blues drum loops. With a mix of earthy drum sounds as well as fat and greasy drum grooves, this a very versatile collection for classic blues-rock and blues drum tracks. 100% Live, authentic 12/8 and shuffles.

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