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Blues Drum Loops – 12/8, Shuffles, Swings

Beta Monkey offers the most versatile blues drum loops and samples you’ll find anywhere. Whether you’re looking for 12/8 blues grooves, straight-eighth feels, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles, uptempo boogies or other swinging blues shuffles, we have a blues sample library right for you and your music. Without a doubt, you’ll inspire your blues tracks with these 100% live, acoustic drums.

All products are available for instant download. ALL 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE/AIFF, and REX2 loop formats included with purchase.


More About Beta Monkey Blues Drum Loops

If you've been searching for those famous blues rhythms, we've got what you need.

To many folks, blues drumbeats are quickly lumped into one or two stereotypical rhythms: the 12/8 groove or the shuffle. And, it's easy to understand how this could happen. Countless well-known blues songs do make use of these blues drum styles.

But, if you really know and live the blues, you know that there are so many more variations of the shuffle and other traditional blues drumming styles. So, let's explore what really encompasses blues drumming in general and then break out many of the different groove sub-genres that blues drummers have created over the years.

What do all blues drumming styles have?

A Deep Pocket: Playing deep in the pocket is a hallmark of all blues drumming. Often, that pocket can even be slightly behind the other band members. From this pocket, the groove is established and dynamic fills propel the music. A deep pocket is essential to tightly locking the band and music together. It goes without saying that all revered blues drummers have the deepest of pockets.

A Bounce: Whether you sense that "bounciness" of the groove on the hi-hat, ride, or snare, all great blues drummers add an indescribable bounce to their playing. And, you know it when you hear it, or more important, FEEL it. The bouncy quality is what moves to the audience to dance or, at the very least, tap their feet. It also inspire the music and band to add that same light bounce to their playing as well. This bluesy bounce can be expressed in even a simple "four on the floor" bass drum pattern. No matter how it's played, drummers know that a bouncy rhythm is primarily to blues music.

What are some other blues drumming sub-genres?

Of course, the go-to beats of the blues are 12/8 and shuffles. And, you could just live on those alone. But, the blues exists in other time signatures as well, namely 2/4 (double-time), 4/4, and 6/8. In terms of variations, you have many diverse feels and flavors of blues: Delta Traditional Slow Blues, Blues-Rock Drumming, Funk Blues, On top of those, there are many namesake styles (named after the primary innovator of the particular grooves): Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and Chuck Berry

But, even in these different times, you still have to have that deep pocket and bounce if it's going to cut it for the blues.

As for shuffles, there are many different variations. You have the Chicago blues shuffle, Texas shuffle and Charleston shuffle, not to mention Swing Shuffles, Jazzy Swing Shuffles, Box Car shuffles, and more.

If there is one rule to follow when it comes to the blues and the type of drum styles that works best, just remember that the rhythm that supports the music best is best. If it feels right, then it probably is.