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We’ve bundled many of our popular drum loop sessions, giving you more “bang for the buck” when ordering the powerful and versatile grooves that Beta Monkey is known for. Whether you’re after rock and hard rock drums, insane double bass metal grooves, gritty Alt and Indie tracks, the funktastic goodness of our Hard Rock Funk Series, the slinky shufflin’ of our blues and country loop packs, or the mind-bending yet musical Odd Time Meltdown Series, Beta Monkey Drum Bundles are the inspiring loops to take your songwriting to the next level.

Each bundle gives you more for less – it’s that simple.

Drum Loop Bundles

L.A. Rock Drum Loops Bundle


4 GB of powerful live drum loops recorded in one Los Angeles' favorite drum rooms and one of the town's most in-demand studio drummers. This powerful collection captures the drum sound L.A. is known for - bright and live, punchy and thick. The kind of drum mixes that have powered millions of songs and albums.Solid and essential beats in multiple rock styles, usable for any number of rock songwriting genres. What all the loops do have in common, though, is impeccable feel and timing. The kind of feel and timing that comes from playing and performing with the world's top artists, including Grammy winners and rock legends and icons.We captured some of the best drum performances to inspire your music, no matter what style of rock you play. The L.A. Rock Sessions are the right rock drum loops that will fit right in with your sound.Total Loop Content: 4.1 GB, includes extensive drum, cymbal samples.

$119.96 $69.99

Order all the drum loops from the Rocking Nashville Sessions for one low package price. Total Loop Content: 2.3 GB, includes drum, cymbal samples. The Rocking Nashville Drum Loops Bundle includes Drum Werks IX, Drum Werks XI, Drum Werks XII, and Pure Country I for only $69.99. The drum mix is definitely at home for any type of classic rock, modern rock, or hard rock. Big open room, powerful snack crack, and hard-hitting drum performances. If you write rock music, this is the set for you - mandolin and steel guitar definitely optional!


Drum Loop Bundles

Funk Drum Loops Bundle

$89.97 $59.99

Total Loop Content: 2.0 GB, includes drum, cymbal samples for all recorded loops.Get the funk breaks you're after, with some wicked snare work to deliver the funk soul that can only come from live drums. When you're after a brand new bag of funk drum samples, the Rock Hard Funk Series delivers only the finest grooves and beats, not the stiff, cheesy stuff that plagues our competition.These are the funk beats that are guaranteed to leave you in a cold sweat and begging for more. You want to Hear da drummah get wicked? Load up these beats in your DAW of choice and and hold on tight or else the proverbial roof of the sucker will be torn off. Leave the Roland 808 in storage.If you're tired of the same old beats taken from vinyl, get yourself about 2 GB of a new and original funky drummer and let the loops roll. Wickedly funky and 100% live - this is the stuff of dreams for members of the Funk Nation!

$79.98 $59.99

Bay Area Metal and Hard Rock Loops BundleTotal Loop Content: 2.1 GB, includes extensive drum, cymbal samplesGet two head-pounding loop collections, recorded in all their heavy glory in the cradle of metal and thrash: The Bay Area (San Francisco Bay, that is). Bundle these two "sonically-matched" (same mix, drums/cymbals, recording session) collections and get two distinct flavors of heaviness: brutal modern metal and modern hard rock. It's a slamming drum mix and it will slam your songwriting into the next level if you write music on the heavier side of things.The Power Combo Pack puts the power of Double Bass Mania VII and Drum Werks II: Reloaded together for only $59.99. That's over 2GB of loops and samples for one low price. Special pricing available for instant digital downloads only!


Classic Backbeats Series

Vintage and Retro Drum Loops Bundle

$89.97 $49.99

The way drums used to sound before digital workstations and beat detective! Weighing in at nearly 2 GB, the vintage and retro beats you've searched for are all here. Nothing but 100% live and purely acoustic drum loops, all captured to tape and ready to inspire you to play a bit more how they used to!If you're after the grooves of yesterday like the early days of rock n roll, surf, Motown, and the British Invasion, then you'll love the grooves we've pulled together for this retro loop bundle set.

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