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Drum Samples for Jazz

Live Jazz Drum Loops | Multi-Track Jazz Drum Tracks

If your songwriting needs the pure sounds of 100% live acoustic drums, Beta Monkey’s jazz drum loops and jazz drum tracks are the right choice. All jazz sample download packs feature live acoustic drums, covering a wide range of styles from traditional big band, swing, bebop, jazz trios, Latin-Jazz, jazz brushes, ballads, and more.

Live and acoustic, these jazz drum loops will inspire your songwriting with jazz drum tracks from our 100% live Jazz Essentials Series of loops. Wide variety of traditional jazz, swing, bebop, big band, and latin-jazz.

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About the Jazz Essentials Series
These aren’t the stiff jazz beats found in most other commercial sample libraries. Each collection of grooves covers a wide selection of live jazz drum performances. From the nuances of brush playing, high-energy of be-bop, and traditional swinging ride cymbals, the Jazz Essentials Series has the right tempo, feel, or style your music needs.
If you need real jazz, forget about programming drums and get the touch, feel, and musical sensibility of the live studio drummers featured in the Jazz Essential Series.
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! Nothing truer could be said.
When we decided to do a series for jazz drum loops, we were puzzled why so few true jazz sample CD's existed. So many of the current releases are "somewhat" jazz or "jazzy," choosing to lighten things up with soft jazz right alongside what we consider traditional jazz. Perhaps it was to pad the library with unrelated grooves or perhaps a statement that there is no real market for traditional jazz - we honestly couldn't explain it.
Regardless of the reasons, the Jazz Essentials Series is 100% pure, live, and acoustic jazz. From every roll and nuance we've sampled comes the purity and beauty of that truly unique sound of jazz.
Jazz Essentials is a drum sample series we hope jazz purists (or anyone else looking for some of that swinging magic) will appreciate.
Available in 16-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats. See individual collections for the specific formats offered.