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These percussion loops will add that something special when you need more than just kicks, snares and hi-hats in your drum tracks.

Bring the diverse flavors of world percussion into your music, either as the dominant driving pulse or playing a more supportive role. All percussion loops are 100% live and acoustic samples.


Essential Brazilian rhythms to inspire you to a new level of groove! Drum Werks XIV mixes the traditional with the modern, the funky with the smooth. We really think these loops will fit your Brazilian oriented music, as well as adding a twist on any other style you write, and most of all inspire you with some new fresh ideas. Live, authentic Brazilian grooves - only on Drum Werks XIV!


A diverse percussion loops library of the most requested world percussion styles: Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, funk, hip-hop are among the essential percussion styles presented in this sample download pack. And, for added versatility, you'll find the sound samples of congas, bongos, surdos, pandeiros, shakers, udus, rainsticks and other instruments.  An intense and focused library of essential world percussion samples.