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Classic Backbeats Series

Vintage & Retro Drum Loop Bundle

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The way drums used to sound before digital workstations and beat detective! Weighing in at nearly 2 GB, the vintage and retro beats you've searched for are all here. Nothing but 100% live and purely acoustic drum loops, all captured to tape and ready to inspire you to play a bit more how they used to!If you're after the grooves of yesterday like the early days of rock n roll, surf, Motown, and the British Invasion, then you'll love the grooves we've pulled together for this retro loop bundle set.


Versatile vintage sound with all the staple grooves of the 50’s and 60’s, Beta Monkey Music's Classic Backbeats™ II is an all-new drum loop and sample library for writers looking to expand the depth of their groove collections.Like vintage rock n roll, surf rock and a bit of Motown? Classic Backbeats II is the collection you need. Retro Rock n Roll, Surf, 50's, 60's!


Ultra-live, retro acoustic drum loops for rock, pop or bluesy-rock (think anything 60's), Classic Backbeats I offer 1.3 GB of multiple drum styles and tempos as well a pure, punchy sound that simply makes it a "must have" retro drum tool for anyone needing the pure unadulterated tones of an acoustic drum set.