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Download the only rock drum loops you need for true power and versatility in your drum tracks. Drum loops for all styles of rock, alt rock, blues, and more: The Drum Werks Series of Drum Loops and Samples

These rock drum loops do what you want: rock! If you write classic rock, alt-rock, hard rock, blues-rock, the Drum Werks Series will groove hard in all recording DAW software and hardware. Regardless of how you rock, you deserve 100% live rock drum tracks in your music.

Without a doubt, we serve you rockers out there well. We recorded over 30 rock sample libraries for you to choose from. Each includes drum loops from live performances with 100% acoustic drums and extensive multi-velocity drum samples.

Versatile and powerful with plenty of “rawk” attitude, get some Beta Monkey drum loops or get a real drummer by all means. Otherwise, those MIDI rock drum tracks you plan to use just won’t cut it.

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