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Fusing the blues feel with the hard-hitting power of rock, Beta Monkey offers a wide variety of drum sample packs to inspire new genres of hard rock, Southern rock, and more. Dig in and get the down and dirty rhythms your bluesy-rock tracks need with the hard-hitting sound you want.


Get some live, acoustic swing and shuffles for Rock, Country, Blues, and More. Drum Werks VI is perfect for anyone writing blues, blues rock, and alt-country drum tracks. Create classic blues, folk, and country rock drum tracks with shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and swing feels. An earthy roots vibe will inspire folk, bluegrass and blues styles as well.


650+ blues drum loops and fills with all the traditional must-have rhythms: 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles, uptempo boogies and other blues shuffles. Drum Werks XII brings the blues with all the kinds of grooves you'd expect. Lay it down hard with some swinging in-the-pocket grooves...only on Drum Werks XII!