funk drum loops

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Take the infectious grooves of funk and add some rock attitude. The following collections will work well when you need to cover both the worlds of rock and funk, sometimes at the same time.


Take the roots of funk, mix in elements of rock, jazz, r & b, hip hop, and combine them with one goal in mind: maximum groove. With over 800 MB of two, four and eight bar loops, this one is for artists looking for a one-of-a-kind powerhouse collection of funk beats and breaks.Funkier than anything you have in your beat collection, these wickedly funky breaks cover 60 bpm to 130 bpm. Includes complete single hit sample drum kit.


Over 1000 live funk drum loops to inspire any serious funk songwriting project. Mix the improvisational mentality of jazz, the groove inventiveness of funk, and the powerful drum sounds of rock - a beautiful mix of groove experimentalism all captured and available in Rock Hard Funk.


Can you handle these wicked funk grooves? Over 400 live funk grooves and fills to inspire any songwriter looking for "the" groove! Takes the attitude of rock and infuse it with the syncopated rhythms of funk. Inspired by P-Funk 70's-style funk, Motown, and RnB, you'll get classic funk drum beats that hit it hard. You gotta have that funk! Multi-velocity samples are also included.