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Over 1000 live funk drum loops to inspire any serious funk songwriting project. Mix the improvisational mentality of jazz, the groove inventiveness of funk, and the powerful drum sounds of rock - a beautiful mix of groove experimentalism all captured and available in Rock Hard Funk.


Beta Monkey Music's Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk serves up 400 of the funkiest live funk drum beats when you gotta have that groove. Mix the classic grooves of funk, hip hop, R&B and into one powerful funk drum loops download. A powerhouse collection of delicious funk drum loops. With over 800 MB of two, four and eight bar loops, this one is pure funk inspiration.Funkier than anything you have in your current collection, Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk will inspire your music with wickedly funky drums from 60 bpm to 130 bpm.


A little bit funk. A little bit pop. And a whole lot of rock! This pop rock inspired collection features a unique power pop sound to inspire your pop-rock songwriting.The featured voice - a sleek 13" x 3" steel shell piccolo snare - provides the quintessential pop and bright snare tone for modern rock and pop (not to mention a few others). With a high-pitched attack and tight projection, Drum Werks XVIII: Piccolo Grooves will inspire a whole different side of your songwriting.Part of the L.A. Sessions.


Get the elusive funk feel of Motown! Let out your inner funk and lay it down to a massive collection of tasty Motown-inspired grooves. Over 600 drum loops ranging from 60 BPM to 150 BPM to deliver the funk feels you need with a dry, gritty Motown inspired sound to match. An essential loop collection if you need to have that funk.

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