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Drum Backing Tracks

Free play-along drum tracks to get the creative juices flowing right now! We’ve put together a number of play-along drum tracks featuring our loop libraries. Something for everyone here. Rock drum tracks for you rockers, powerful modern metal drums for the metalheads, and some funky goodness for basically everyone. All drums are 100% live and […]

Metal Drum Tracks Still Flowing from the Double Bass Mania Series!

YouTube Screenshot of customer using Double Bass Mania drum loops and drum samples

Every now and then you get sucked down the Youtube wormhole and you come across all sorts of things. This video came up and we heard the drums and thought, “Hey, wait a minute, these drum tracks sound familiar!” Sure enough, the audio was constructed from the metal drum samples and loops in the Double […]

Beta Monkey Drum Loops Recording Session Video

Recording Desk - Beta Monkey

Beta Monkey Drum Loops Recording Session Video We get a lot of emails asking about specifics of how we record, where we record, the signal chain, etc. While we change up recording situations frequently (for different product lines), we thought we would share some of the images “behind the scenes” of the L.A. Series sessions […]